In “We Can” school, the education of children has turned into a game, and the game into education. By learning through non-traditional methods, children will quickly acquire the skills and knowledge that are so important to their lives.
The school also takes care of the parents’ education. School specialists teach parents all the nuances of parenting, show them the key to recognizing their own child’s problems and abilities, and approaching them correctly. As a result of school-parent cooperation, the work aimed at the education and development of our students becomes very effective.
Our lessons

What do we learn?


World recognition

Preschoolers learn and perceive the world through play. We play games modelling life, through which the child understand morals such as right & wrong and good & bad, along with family and friend relations. In the end, the children learn to navigate the world. The kid begins to learn the world through play.

Art therapy

Art therapy is a therapeutic process that integrates psychotherapy and art. It allows children to process the things that have happened to them and helps reduce stress and anxiety as they work through these challenges. By providing kids a safe place to express their negative feelings and emotions, art therapy has been shown to improve a child’s mental, emotion, and physical well-being.


Kids love to touch and feel. The tactile nature of clay is a great physical outlet for kids. Even the wiggliest of kids can become fascinated by clay and focus on making and creating a masterpiece. With all the different techniques they’ll be learning from pounding, pinching, coiling, and squeezing the clay… their hands and arm muscles will be getting a lot of action.


We will be focusing on general developmental exercises to strengthen the shoulder girdle, abdomen, back and legs from different starting positions. The program also includes exercises for the development & improvement of motor skills and formation of correct posture.


Develops the child's aesthetic taste and colour perception, along with performing three functions: self-knowledge, stress-reduction and communication (creating dialogue with the surrounding world).


Scientific research has shown that musical children are knowledgable in spacial awareness, reflexes, mathematical abilities and breathing control. Signing helps to fully reveal the child's abilities, to develop an emotional culture, which stimulates the work of the mind.


Dance helps to develop children’sr muscular and cardiovascular system, actively improving their memory and gives them a fun way to exercise.


We are always teaching our children something by our words and our actions. They learn from seeing. They learn from hearing and from overhearing. Children share the values of their parents about the most important things in life. Specialists invited by the school will conduct parenting classes with parents, especially mothers, teaching skills that seem so simple but crucial to the child.